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Dr. Irmiter is a licensed Psychologist who has been working with troubled children, teens, and families for over fifteen years. He intertwines sound theoretical approaches with concrete techniques that parents can immediately implement at home. Many parents are likely to state, “Theory is great, but how do I use it?” the Parent Coach can help!

While working for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (SCDJJ), Dr. Irmiter has evaluated over 1,500 families. He offers sound recommendations to the family court judges and his expertise is highly regarded.

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On numerous occasions, clients have said, “I wish I’d talked to you a long time ago!”

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Whether he is teaching at a local University, presenting his unique approach for managing children to a professional organization, or sharing an informative talk with a Civic group, Dr. Irmiter is energetic, upbeat, and entertaining.

He has written a book about parenting, co-authored a Day Treatment Manual for a local Mental Health Center, and successfully raised his own two children.  Additionally, he spent seven years working for the Boy Scouts of America serving youth, and spent two summers serving as a Camp Director.  He has even been a house parent in a boys home.  Dr. Irmiter truly has had a broad range of experiences with children from all walks of life and relies on these experiences when working with families.  He regularly presents parenting programs to the community at large.  "The Coach" is available for speaking engagements, family work, and a comprehensive "family check-up". Feel free to contact Dr. Irmiter and allow him to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a mother or father, or customize a talk or presentation for your group.

Dr. Kevin Irmiter
The Parent Coach
Greer, SC
(864) 640-3125

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