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The Coach's Huddle

Dr. Irmiter is committed to helping parents prevent difficulties with their children before such problems arise. He has a unique no-nonsense approach to evaluating what parents do, what the kids do, how they relate to each other, and ultimately how this "dance" that the kids and parents share, leads to either positive or negative outcomes. As a means to help concerned parents, he regularly presents sample problems and solutions for those that visit "The Huddle!

If you are interested in having your issue addressed by the Coach, send a brief overview that includes: your child's behavior, age, gender, the circumstances of the primary problem, how frequently it arises, what you do in response, and how your child reacts to you, to Dr. Kevin Irmiter at drkevin@theparentcoach.net for him to review. While the Coach cannot review all inquiries, he will select scenarios that are likely to apply to many parents. Always include a return e-mail address so that Dr. Irmiter can seek clarification on various circumstances if necessary.

Dr. Kevin Irmiter
The Parent Coach
Greer, SC
(864) 640-3125

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