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The Parent Coach Presents

An Owner’s Manual for Parents:
The Instruction Book
That Should Have Arrived With Your Child
An Owner’s Manual for Parents: The Workbook

The Owner’s Manual will provide you with 10 easy to understand and easy to use “Primary Rules” for effectively managing your children. By putting these 10 rules into effect in your home, you will lay the groundwork for promoting well-behaved, successful, confident, and independent children. As an additional bonus, the rules will also help you encourage positive self-esteem.

When you consider all the behavioral problems you face as a parent, the task of raising your children can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the Coach offers you simple and concrete strategies for handling the most challenging of behavior problems. The rules you start using today will help prevent serious problems in the future.

Additionally, the Workbook is constructed to allow you to analyze yourself, and determine how you are doing with the implementation of the “Primary Rules”. When you have completed the Workbook, you will also have a concrete plan for addressing the most problematic behaviors your children are displaying.


As a Psychologist, I usually don’t give guarantees in therapy. However, I will make one exception here. If you have not consistently established and enforced rules and standards in your home, and you begin to use the “Primary Rules”, I will make one promise. Your child’s behavior will get worse before it gets better. Your children are used to behaving the way they behave. If you suddenly change the rules you have been using, they will not immediately cooperate with your new approach. You will have to convince them that the old ways will no longer work, and that you are willing to “stick to your guns; uh, I mean stick to the “Primary Rules”!

I know you will have great success!
Kevin Irmiter, Ph.D.
The Parent Coach

Dr. Kevin Irmiter
The Parent Coach
Greer, SC
(864) 640-3125

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