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Resources to Be A Better Parent

Can you believe it? Can it really be true, did someone actually create an “Owner’s Manual” for parents? Did someone also actually create a “Contract” you can sign with your child?

The answer is yes, and the 10 simple rules are straightforward and will work for your child.

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Dr. Irmiter, the Parent Coach, has used his experience working with thousands of families to develop these easy to use resources. Every parent who is striving to be effective needs worthwhile tools, techniques, and strategies for managing his or her children. However, many experts offer advice about what to do, without suggesting HOW to achieve the desired parenting goal. The Coach’s tools fill this void and allow you, the parent, to change immediately how you direct your children.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why didn’t my child arrive with an Owner’s Manual”? The Coach’s “Owner’s Manual” fills that void and includes 10 Primary Rules for effective parenting. In addition, a Workbook helps you evaluate yourself while developing a plan for guiding your children.

How many times have you wanted to establish reasonable rules, limits, and consequences for your children, but never felt as if you really reached that goal? Would you be surprised to know that the simple process of “point and click” will lead to a comprehensive behavioral contract for your son or daughter? All you have to do is print out the personalized contract that you and your child will sign.

Does your church, school, civic group, or family oriented organization need an expert to offer simple suggestions for working effectively with children? Dr. Irmiter is available for personalized presentations.

Use the links above to obtain more information about the resources and to purchase the tools that can help you, “Be a Better Parent”! 

Dr. Kevin Irmiter
The Parent Coach
Greer, SC
(864) 640-3125

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